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Adventures in babysitting

The first time I babysat Evander was hilarious! I remember thinking someone should have documented my time with him…..would have made a great tv comedy.
I remember him crying at one point and I had no idea what to do. Was he hungry? Tired? Missing his parents? I remember putting him in his high chair in the kitchen so I could make him something to eat. I was so worried about him being upset, I ended up dropping the bowl and in slow motion watched it fly onto the wall…..luckily Emma their doggie came to my rescue and cleaned it up!
Turned out Evander was just so tired. I sang him a song and he just crashed. Who knew?

I have since watched him a few times and from that experience things have been much better. haha!

This week I babysat…..It was on a day that I was pretty exhausted, but found that taking the afternoon off and watching him was such a blessing. Kids are so funny and make you remember to slow down. They are interested in everything! They enjoy everything they do and are completely in the moment. They aren’t worried about the rest of their week, what will happen tomorrow.
Here’s to my little buddy. Thanks for spending the day with me!

  • Matt - So…Are you for hire?!? 🙂

    Fun pics!

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