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Ali & Justin {After-Wedding Session} Boone Hall Plantation

I get asked all the time, “what exactly is an “after wedding session?” Alot of photographers refer to it as a “day after” session. I personally never do these sessions right after a wedding. Think about how it feels to party all night and then get up for photos. No way! haha! Plus, most of the weddings I shoot are on saturdays, and I have a strict no-sunday-working policy. I will be sitting in church with what photographers call a “wedding hangover” (basically 8-12 hours of being on your feet, adrenaline rushing, and then crashing at 2am after coming down from all the excitement).

So an after session is a chance for you girls to put on your dress again, with your new hubby, and have a fun and relaxed session without the pressure or timeline of the wedding day. It’s for the couple that wants to come back to charleston and have more images in different locations. It’s alot of fun, and great for beautiful portraits for your home.

I recently met up with Ali and Justin, who were actually married Nov. 7, 2009! We had tried to set up a session last year, but because of my schedule, we had to plan for it this year. It was such a perfect day to do this! I am so happy to share these of this beautiful and sweet couple.

  • Bethany Cox - IM obsessed with the Flowers one. Must print huge. Ha! I like the name change of these sessions. Its lovely.

  • juliet - Thanks Bethany!! 😀