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Great Reading Materials for the Overworked & Burned Out

After yesterday’s post, I realized from the response that I’m not alone! I am not surprised but I am glad to hear y’all are also trying hard to break this awful cycle. We all have a path in this life, and gifts we should absolutely use, just not abuse them or ourselves. 🙂

I would also really like to stress something. Most of us live our lives wanting to be our OWN “gods.” This may sound really weird, but it’s true. If you look at what drives people, we all in some way want to be in control- do more, get more, BE more, be approved of and admired. Does this make anyone happier? Nope. We are searching for meaning in all of this and the meaning is that there is a God who made us, loves us and wants us to let go of trying to control it all. I think once we accept that, life is a brighter and happier place. It’s a daily thing and I think will probably take a lifetime to understand just a little. Our limited brains can’t completely wrap our heads around it but if our hearts and our minds are open , things fall into place and make much more sense.

I have some reading materials you may be interested in. Of course you can google “what to do about overworking,” and a ton of articles and information will pop up. Here are a few great reads online:

Here are 2 books I personally own and highly recommend. They are both excellent:


If you read these, let me know what you think! Hang in there! Take it one day at a time.

  • Estee - Juliet! Catching up on your blog and this is what I find after a massive sobbing session from feeling overwhelmed. I will definitely have a look at these, thank you! You are such a special person 🙂 Have a super amazing day xx

  • juliet - Estee!! I am so sorry you are having a hard time. I think you would really love these books! Let me know if you get them and what you think. I will be praying for you! Email if you want to “chat.” 🙂