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Kendall and Brent are married!!

I recently posted portraits of Kendall and just now realized I never posted the wedding!  Kendall is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. I just love her. I felt like I “knew” her when we met for her portrait shoot, just because we had emailed and talked on the phone so much!
Her honey Brent is just as sweet, and they are BOTH hilarious. I laughed so much that day!
As you’ll see below, there was alot of silliness going on. There was also though, lots and lots of love and happy tears. 😀

I was so happy to get to work with Sarah Bradley, who owns Social Event design. She is so down to earth, fun to be with, and has such great taste. I love how she decorated this event!
The band was so awesome too! Two 3 Ways, who played at Tara and Brad’s wedding last year. I was stoked when i heard they’d be there. Super talented guys.

I can’t wait to see Kendall and Brent AND Kendall’s sis and hubby (who also just got married recently) when they all come back to chucktown for after-wedding sessions!

I could tell these boys were trouble as soon as I saw them. haha!So all the groomsmen proceeded to sit on Brent’s lap. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard.I got to be the taxi driver too!  😀  Kendall and Brent rode with me in my little honda to the reception.I was in love with this blue crinoline. How pretty is this dress?!