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Happy Monday friends! I have decided (and I am quite determined) to start blogging more. 😀 I have so much I want to share! I love and miss writing so much. I have many journals, and even those have been neglected.
Did I ever mention my grandfather that used to hand paint signs for businesses? Yup. He did all the “lettering” by hand. He died when I was about 4, so I never really got to see him in action. I did though, get to see one of the signs in Columbia (SC). I think that’s where my love for fonts, words, and writing come from.

So, if you aren’t following my facebook page, you probably haven’t seen many of these. I recently got together with my friend Molly for a session. My version of “headshots” is always much more than your typical “waist up” or “shoulders up” shot. I love making it more like an editorial shoot. It was so fun! I got to spend time with Molly (who is hilarious by the way), shoot in some new places and she was up for anything. Our friend Ashley did an amazing job on her hair and makeup, and then Molly actually let me “style” her with my dresses! 🙂

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