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My lens of choice

Alot of people ask me which lens is my favorite. I would have to say my 50mm f/1.2! This lens was so worth saving up money for. I am already a fan of “fixed” lenses…..This one does not disappoint!

Here is an image from Tess and Rob’s wedding last month. I shot this of Tess in beautiful window light, at f/1.8. This is straight out of camera! No editing involved. That’s the great thing about shooting wide open (even though it can be tricky). It just produces beautiful, ethereal images right away. I will most likely add some contrast and add a little style but I really don’t need to! I think it can stand alone.

When I finally have some time, I’ll do a post and show y’all how different lenses affect an image. Even though alot of us know the difference, it’s cool to see images of the same person/location, shot with a variety of lens choices. When you are just starting out, it’s great to see this up close and personal. As artists, we are all very “visual” and it’s the best way to learn!

Stay tuned. 🙂

  • Jessica - I’ve been wondering when you were going to do a post like this!!! I love my 35mm f/1.8 lens!!! I can’t wait to see a full blog post of the difference in pictures using different lenses.

  • Leslie Walker - Beautiful!!! 🙂 I vote you try the 35 next 🙂

  • audra - love this! you got the focus spot on.

  • juliet - thank you all so much!!!