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Shooting “attire” and a few other tips

Okay, so I’m just going to break it to you girls out there …sassy heels and wedges are not good for shooting. Yes, I know. It is a huge bummer! You are around people all dressed up and want to dress up too. Truth be known, after 10-12 hours of shooting, your feet and back are not going to thank you for wearing heels. ESPECIALLY if you are shooting in places that require you to walk and walk and walk. I tend to be very active when I’m shooting, so I have been in search for a long time, for shoes that were super comfortable!!

I have asked this question to other photographers and they’ve all given me great advice, but unfortunately either the shoes were WAY too expensive or hurt my feet. I recently came across these:

Probably the most comfortable shoes on the planet. No, they are not pretty, BUT with my black pants they don’t look too bad. 🙂
Also, I’ve mentioned this before, and the majority of you out there probably already have this BUT….THE SHOOTSAC? Well worth the money. Get one. Now. SO easy to change out lenses!! During most of the day I carry one camera body and just change out lenses when I need to. It’s easy to get them in and out of the bag, and it conforms to your body. Totally worth the money.
I even took mine to Italy a few years ago! 😀
Last thing and this may seem insignificant but I love it. My memory card holder, has a little velcro strap that fits right into the silver “loop” on my shootsac! It makes it super fast for me to grab and change out memory cards when they fill up. That way they are right at your hip and ready to go. It’s by LowePro and I got mine at BESTBUY: HERE
Hope this helps!!
  • jennings King - love the shoes, I use some shoes that my brother in law calls my “aqua socks!” hilarious, so what are your favorite pants? I can’t seem to find good ones that aren’t too casual and not dress pants, that give while squatting…

  • juliet - Jennings! I think I’ve seen aqua socks! haha!! My favorite pants were actually from Charlotte Russe, about 3 years ago. They have some stretch to them and are SO comfortable!!!