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Thought for the day

My friend Kesia just sent me an email this morning with a video attached. I watched it and cried.

I was touched and wanted to post it for many reasons! It reminded me of why I do what I do. I personally view my business as a gift. It’s a gift from God to me to do something I love, be creative and an artist, and it’s a gift to you from me for you to have memories of your life. Photography is much much more to me than a job or a way to make money.

In a world of self-centeredness, I think it’s important for us all to look around daily and see what we can do for someone else. It shouldn’t be always be about self-gratification, as the world would have us believe. There is so much more to this life–now and when we leave it.

I will never apologize for expressing my faith, or be afraid to stand up and speak out about it. All it takes is looking around us and seeing how amazingly complicated everything in this world is and didn’t just “happen” or appear. I do not believe that business and personal should be separate–everything for me is intertwined, why I do this, why I love it.

Please watch this video. It’s well worth the time.

  • Rachel - Couldn’t agree more, I got all misty eyed! Thanks for doing this post.