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Tip for Brides :)

So you know how it goes….You start searching for something online, then go from site to site and happen upon something new that catches your eye! Yesterday I was looking for something and came across this site called Pretty Plum Sugar.
I immediately recognized these beautiful patterns and fabric. If you remember Tess, you might remember her robe! I know my friends Kelly and Tanesha and I all commented on how pretty it was,
and how great for photos! SO much color and so different.

I emailed Tess and sure enough, this company is where she purchased her robe.
Something to think about when you are planning your wedding “attire.” Trust me, I am not a frou frou girl, and I don’t care if I show up and you are wearing feetie pajamas! 🙂 Just realized how pretty something different is for photos when a bride is getting ready.

If you’ve never seen it, check out their site! They don’t just sell robes….dresses, accessories, footwear: