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Wearing mom’s dress

I loved it when Amanda told me she wanted to do a shoot wearing her mom’s wedding dress! I had wanted to do the same thing with my mom’s dress and never got around to it. Maybe one day. 🙂 It took us 3 years to plan this! Amanda and Jeremy got married almost 3 years ago, but because of Jeremy’s navy schedule and them living in Virginia, it was really difficult to get together. I was SO excited to see them again! They have a special place in my heart because their wedding was my first ever out-of-state wedding. Amanda did a great job recreating her pop’s tux too! She said it was much harder than she thought to get all the details together. BUT she did it and I loved it.

Amanda and Jeremy, thank you so much for making the drive, spending the afternoon with me and our awesome conversations. I love you guys.


  • Kellie - Beautiful picture! I LOVE that dress!