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where oh where is juliet?

Haha! Okay, so jokes aside….I have been wondering the same thing.
Everytime I think, man, I need to do a blog post, I get so overwhelmed! Part of it is because I have a gazillion things to do, but the other is writer’s block…..or maybe I should call it in general “artist’s block.”

I have always loved writing and being creative. I think though, when I do put stuff “out there,” I want it to be very thoughtful. Sometimes when I’m so busy, I don’t have time to just sit and think….what do I want to say? What do I want to share? Do people even care about this?
Getting in a routine and just posting pictures just to do it, isn’t good enough for me. That’s where I’ve felt stuck.

OVERTHINKING is never good. Sometimes just writing….in a stream of consciousness, is the best way. So here it is.

In 2012 my goal was to take a step back. See the forest AND the trees. What happened to the free spirit artist girl in me? I realized I had alot of healing to do. I was missing my mom terribly, and had a bit of post traumatic stress from her illness and death. I overbooked my schedule for 2010/2011 because to be honest, I couldn’t deal with it. Filling every minute of the day with something- ANYTHING, pushed it aside and helped me to cope. But then I finally had some down time and BAM! It hit me. Let me tell you, while not too pretty, it has been very very important.
I am finally doing things I never let myself have time for….friends, trying new things for hobbies and the business, more time to do “projects,” and most important, time for God and my hubby. I do feel like I’m getting there and I am beyond thankful for my faith and the process.

There are a few thing that have helped me tremendously. I highly recommend them if you are just feeling stuck.
Music. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this affects me! I love all kinds of music, but because Metallica might be a bit distracting,
I save that for the gym. 😀
Depending on what I’m editing, or working on, will determine my “station.”
My pandora…..
Missy Higgins
Ella Fitzgerald
Erin McCarley
Jesse McCartney (I know, you can laugh)
Joshua Radin
Brooke Fraser
Frank Sinatra
Joe Pass
The Weepies

The Bible (there are no words to tell you what reading this has done for me every day)
Within the Frame
Visual Poetry

Going somewhere new….Even a few hours away can change your perspective! Staying in and around where you live 100% of the time can make life seem dull. It’s so important to give your eyes something fresh to look at.

Taking photos of friends.
This is an amazing outlet….spending time with a friend is priceless, it’s a gift I can give them and also a gift to me
that I can understand them better and spend time with them!

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve experienced this very thing in your life and found ways to follow your heart again.

So here’s where I’ll end this for now. Yesterday I went out with my oh so gorgeous friend Molly. This was “supposed” to be for headshots.
I had other ideas in mind (wink).


  • Amber Herlocker - Blog for you! No one else. Never let blogging be a MUST.

    Your images say more than your words. I absolutely admire the way you capture life.

  • Nadia Mounier - You said : Do people even care about this?

    I just wanted to tell you I care about ur posts and writings 🙂
    and I enjoy them everytime.
    this is my second year for my freelance photo career and i just started adding some other activities to my life, and it really differs like u said.
    keep us blown with ur emotional pure photography :))

    Greetings from Egypt
    Nadia Mounier

  • Bethany cox - Looks like you need to come to Boston!

  • Kelly Campbell - Jules, so proud of you for all of the growing and stretching that you are allowing yourself to go through. You are already an amazing and unique individual, and the end result of this growth stage will be even more compassion, consideration, and love, of course for others, and very importantly, for YOU. You deserve it! Love u

  • juliet - Thank you girls so much for the support and encouragement!! It means so much to me.

  • Harmony - It’s been almost 3 years since I lost my best childhood friend, and although that doesn’t even compare to losing your mom, I can relate to what you said about staying busy all the time as a distraction. It took me months before I finally slowed down and the flood gates opened, but like you said it was so good to let it flow. I still grieve all the time but using art and photography to heal has been the best medicine 😉